Export & temporary registration

If you are going to export or apply for the temporary registration of a vehicle, you should know about the rules that apply and the requirements that the vehicle has to comply with. Here you find information about who is responsible for various matters.

Swedish Transport Agency, Vehicle Enquiries
+46 (0)771-14 15 16
Matters concerning vehicle registration, vehicle tax and number plates.

Swedish Transport Agency
+46 (0)771-503 503
Matters concerning requirements relating to safety, equipment and exhaust emission controls.

Swedish Tax Agency
+46 (0)771-567 567

Swedish Machinery Testing Institute -(Svensk Maskinprovning AB)
+46 (0)10-516 64 00
Matters concerning registration inspections for tractors, mobile machinery, heavy all-terrain vehicles and trailers for these vehicles.

Swedish Customs Service
+46 (0)771-520 520