Conversion of licences and ratings

Third country conversions

Only BPL, SPL, PPL and ATPL licences are eligible for conversion. If you have a PPL(A) licence issued by FAA, please see FAA licence conversions.

The conversions require a theoretical examination to be passed, the scope of these depends on the licence to be converted, see conversion requirements below. 

The conversion process for a BPL, SPL, PPL or an ATPL does not require any involvement from a training organisation.

Before a conversion is accepted a licence verification with the issuing national aviation authority is made which may lead to an extended handling time.


Conversion requirements:

  • Current on the category, class or type you intend to convert
  • Valid license, rating or certificate issued by a third country
  • 100 hours total flight time
  • Valid Part-MED medical certificate, at least class 2
  • Pass a written examination in Air law and Human performance
  • Pass a skill test

Application is made using the form below:
Application form for conversion of ATPL or PPL


Conversion requirements:

  • Valid multi pilot type rating for the aircraft to be used for the ATPL skill test
  • Valid EASA Part-MED medical certificate class 1
  • Valid EASA language proficiency in english
  • Pass a written examination in the 13 ATPL subjects
  • Pass a skill test on the actual multi pilot type
          Minimum hours        Aeroplane Helicopter
  Total flight time 1500h 1000h
  MPO 500h 350h
  PIC/PICUS 250h 250h
  Cross-country 200h of which 100h PIC 200h of which 100h PIC
  Instrument time 75h 130h
  Night flight 100h 100h

The conversion process:

  1. Apply for conversion using the form: Application form for conversion of ATPL or PPL
  2. If the application is complete we will contact the national aviation authority where your licence is issued as a step of the verification process.
  3. You will be provided with log in details to our theoretical examination system.
  4. Book an appointment with one of our invigilators to take the theoretical examinations. A list of our current invigilators is found here: Invigilators
  5. When the theoretical examination is completed the applicant shall contact an examiner to perform a skill test. List of examiners. 

FAA certificate conversion - BASA agreement

The BASA agreement is an alternative route to convert a FAA PPL(A), including SEP, MEP, night rating and IR.

The agreement with the detailed requirement can be found on the link below.
EASA-FAA Technical Implementation Procedures -Licensing (TIP-L)

The consolidated application and skill test form is found on the following link.

TSL7356 - BASA TIP-L Part FCL licence application form

For further information, please make an inquiry to


A CPL-licence is not subject to conversion. As a holder of a CPL you will have to contact a training organisation. The training organisation will make an assessment of the applicants competence and then apply for reduced training. This concerns both the practical flight training as well as the theoretical training.

Any associated ratings may also be included in this process but have to be issued along with the CPL certificate. Third country ratings cannot be added after the license has been issued.

The license and associated rating(s) has to be valid until the new licence is issued by Transportstyrelsen.

A list of training organisations is found by using the service below:
Search certificate

Conversion of type- and class ratings from a non-EASA country

In order to convert a type or class rating from a third country a skill test has to be taken with an EASA examiner. The conversion is to be done according to part FCL and the requirements associated to the type or class. No special form or application has to be sent prior to the skill test. However, the examiner has to send a notification according to the EDD.

Type rating requirements:

  • Is in current flying practice(flight experience on the type within 12 months(FSTD accepted))
  • For aeroplanes: minimum 500 hours flight experience on the type
  • For single engine helicopters with a MTOM of 3175 kg: minimum 100 hours of flight experience on the type
  • All other helicopters: minimum 350 hours of flight experience

Class rating requirements:

  • Minimum 100 hours of flight experience in that class

Reference: Article 10 in EASA Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2020/723

Holders operating in a third country with EASA CPL and ATPL-theory or EASA ATPL with third country limited type ratings

To have a license issued with a type rating which is limited to a third country:

  • This does not give you the privilege to fly an EASA-registered aircraft
  • The third country restriction can only be removed by complying with the conversion type rating requirements as mentioned above
  • A type rating with an associated IR with a third country restriction cannot be used to extend the validity period for an EASA ATPL theoretical examination. The validity period of an EASA ATPL theoretical examination can only be extended by an IR PC performed with a EASA examiner and in an EASA approved simulator.

Holders operating in a third country with a valid type- or class rating who have had the same rating, without restriction in a Swedish license

To have the type- or class rating renewed you have to pass a proficiency check in accordance with appendix 1 to part FCL(regulation(EU)1178/2011).

There is not a requirement to have an assessment made by a training organisation or further training as long as you have a licence with a valid rating for the same class or type issued by a third country.

Third country instructor certificate and/or ratings

This information is only applicable when converting a licence, it cannot be used for converting an instructor certificate or a rating only. 

A third country licence holder who already holds an equivalent instructor licence and/or rating may apply for reduced training, based on a recommendation from an approved training organisation or a declared training organisation. This must take place together with his/her application for conversion of the licence in question.

Application for reduced training (to be submitted by the training organisation)

Third country examiners certificate

No credit is given. A full examiners standardisation course provided by the Swedish Transport Agency will have to be completed. 

Validation of licences

A holder of an ICAO license may have their license validated for up to one year provided that the validation requirements are met. The third country licence will have to remain valid for the whole validation period. The validation allows the holder to fly EASA registered aircrafts.

Application for validation of Flight Crew Licence – Private operations

Application for validation of Flight Crew Licence – Commercial operations

Transfer of an EASA-licence

It is only possible to have an EASA-licence in one member state. This adheres to all types of licences connected to the EASA system. This means it is not possible, for instance, to have a medical certificate in one member state and a licence in another member state.

To have your licence transferred to Sweden the following forms are to be used.

Application form for the Transfer of Medical Records

Application to change the state of issue of PART-FCL licence to Sweden

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